This is a Lora model for generating images about Slender girl with shichuanJK.

Here are some prompts you can refer to.

mask, close-up, long hair, plaid skirt, knee high boots, black short pant, bow tie, slender body, hand on her hips, standing, bow tie, long black hair, short shorts and a white top, long legs, women’s crossbody bag, full body, sitting, smile, white underwear, bare thigh, half upper body, legs crossed, medium size breasts, gym suit, no head in picture, hands behind head, view of girl back,

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Base Model: SD 1.5
Trigger Words: shichuanJK

You can use shichuanJK-000003.safetensors to create your own images, we created four lora models, the one has the best effect.

Price: 1 $


XOR Strings
: Input your strings, the tool can encrypt and decrypt them.